We understand as a local authority time is money. Therefore our wheelie bin de-wheeling service offers you the opportunity to save on the expense of labour of having your own team de-wheel and stack the bins so you can leave the job to us.

Our experienced staff have all the right tools for de-wheeling and with experience comes the ability to complete the task quickly yet safely.

As with standard depot collections all we ask is that the bins have been emptied in the normal way.

When you contact us and request a de-wheeling service if you can provide us with a rough estimate of how many bins you require collecting.

Why do we ask you this?

We want to ensure that we send the right team for the job and clean your depot promptly and efficiently.

Unsure on what service you need?

Maybe the role is new to you or you have been assigned with the task of clearing your depot.

You are undecided if you require a de-wheeling service or not.

Don’t panic. Speak to us.

We can arrange a site visit if required and with our knowledge and experience assess what we believe would best suit your needs.

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