Local authorities change their wheeled bins and kerb side boxes for a number of reasons whether this be an individual round or on a larger scale borough wide basis.

Since the first wheeled bins were introduced over 30 years ago they may well be coming to their end of life and the council will be supplying the area with new bins.

Or alternatively with the ever changing economy and European and government policies and the way the population as a whole have changed their lifestyle and waste collection needs which can result in a container size or style.

Whatever the reason we can help you.

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How can we assist you in a street collection service?

The key is to making contact with us early.

We can get involved with the authority in the planning stage advising on best practice and from our experience what pitfalls can be best avoided in street collections.

Once the plans are established and rounds to be collected identified, these are surveyed to select the most appropriate method whilst identifying obstacles to be taken into account that may effect the collection process, This is used for our Team briefings prior to each collection day.

As each truck load arrives for off loading at our Rotherham factory it is counted and a “Duty of Care Waste.

How experienced are we at carrying out street collections?

If your looking for an experienced team then look no further.

Moulding solutions has successfully carried out a number of street collections on small single round pilot projects of 600 bins through to 150,000 Metropolitan Authority wide collections over the past decade.

The collection can be phased over one day to one year.

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